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DSACO Family Portraits: Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio

You have probably seen these smiling faces all over my instagram and facebook throughout the past year! Last summer I had the pleasure of working with several families associated with the Down syndrome association of central ohio. This group searches for local photographers to provide portrait sessions for their wonderful families. After reading the mission and vision statements that are the driving forces for this group, I couldn't turn down an opportunity to help out.

DSACO Mission: To support families, promote community involvement, and encourage a lifetime of opportunities for people with Down syndrome.

DSACO Vision: For people with Down syndrome to achieve their fullest potential in an accepting and inclusive community.

Being a certified occupational therapist myself, I know from experience that encouraging and providing opportunities for families and individuals to achieve their highest potential and independence is extremely important, and having an amazing support system is vital. I just love that DSACO is helping families and individuals with down syndrome do just that in such a loving and supportive way! I'm sharing some of my favorite portraits with you from these sessions today and I can only hope that they help bring a big smile to your face :)


-Big sister, Juni, stole the spotlight for a few-


-The looks he gives mom and dad have me melting!-



-sometimes you just have to break out into a full on concert in the middle of your session. These three really know how to put on a show!-


-such a dapper little guy in his vest and button up!-


-sometimes you just need to stop and smell the flowers-

-Emerson pretending to take my picture as well-

-when it was time for portraits of mom and dad, Emerson jumped into high gear as my posing assistant!-

If you'd like to learn more about DSACO, visit their website at:


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