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DATE: Saturday, May 11th, 2024

TIME: Morning

LOCATION: TBD; decision on location will be made by Friday May 3rd. Will be a public park within 30 mile radius of Columbus.


Included in each session:


20 Minute Session Time



Session Prep + Outfit Styling Guide

10 Included High Resolution Digital Images to Download


Online Photo Viewing Gallery

Additional Offerings After Session

Additional High Resolution Digital Images

Individual Images: $10

Full Gallery of Images: $89

Professional Prints

4x6, 5x7, 8x10



Frequently Asked Questions


What should we wear for our session?

By April 13th, you'll receive a session prep and outfit styling guide to help you make your wardrobe choices for your session! 


Where exactly will we meet?

I am waiting a little closer to session day to make a final decision on where we will be meeting to see which parks are showing off their best spring looks at that time. What I can share for sure at the moment, is we will meet at a public park which will be within a 30 mile radius from Columbus. As soon as more definite plans are made in terms of location, I will share with everyone. 


What happens if it rains?

Decisions to reschedule due to rain/inclement weather don't happen until the EVENING BEFORE our session date. This is due to the ever quickly changing nature of Ohio weather! You will hear from me via email and text on May 10th by 8pm should the forecast not be in our favor for the next morning. I will offer available dates for rescheduling at that time as needed. 


What if I like more than 10 images in my gallery?

That's amazing! You have the ability to purchase additional images as you'd like. Individual images are available at $10 per image. You also have the ability to unlock download access to your full gallery for $89. 


Can we buy prints directly from our gallery?

Yes! You have the ability to purchase a wide variety of prints in various sizes directly within your gallery's store! I encourage purchasing prints from your gallery when able, as the printing company I collaborate with uses high-quality professional-grade printers that offer the best quality in color, contrast, and skin tones. All options for prints will be listed in your gallery's store and you'll have the ability to select your images as well as apply any cropping that may be necessary before submitting your order. 

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I can't wait to capture your spring mini session! 

Please email with any questions

- Brittney
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