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Downloading and Using Brittney Cottman Photography Presets

Hello! I am so excited you have opted to start using some Lightroom Mobile Presets from Brittney Cottman Photography! I've created this step by step resource for you to help navigate how to download, save the presets for use in Lightroom mobile, and begin using on your own images to make them look more polished and complete. If you have any issues at all with this process, please let me know at and I will help in any way I can!

1. You will receive your custom presets via a dropbox link to a zip file which will include DNG files of each preset. Download this zip file and open to access the folder with your presets. Of note: DNG images in dropbox do not show previews of images with the preset used, therefore it may be hard to see the actual preset until it is loaded into Lightroom mobile.

2. Open DNG files on your phone and save to camera roll. 

3. Open Lightroom Mobile on phone and click the add photos button at the bottom right corner of the screen. 


4. Choose "From Camera Roll"

5. DNG files may appear as black squares when choosing to add photos, but this is ok! You'll see the images once they are loaded to Lightroom Mobile. Click the 3 dots in the upper R hand corner and choose "Select Mode". Click on each DNG file to upload to Lightroom Mobile.


6. Once DNG files have been added, you should see them as normal images in the "All Photos" section of your Lightroom library. Open each one individually to save each separate preset. 

7. Once you've clicked on one of the images, you'll notice if you hold your finger down on the picture, you can get a glimpse of what the picture looked like before the preset was added. 


8. To save the preset in order to use on other images in the future, click on the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen you see pictured above (left). Select "Create Preset". 

9. Ensure Profile: color, Light, Color, Effects, Detail, and Optics are selected on the next screen. Give the preset a title at the top of the page (you can refer to the name of the image from the dropbox download if you would like to highlight what each preset is mainly doing! I highly suggest this for easy fast reference when using on images in the future.) Once finished naming, click the checkmark at top right corner. 


10. Done! Now you have this preset saved in your Lightroom Mobile to be able to use on future images uploaded to this app. When you pull up a new photo to edit, scroll through the edit options at the bottom of the screen until you see "Presets". Select this and then select the preset you just created and voila!

*Occasionally you will still need to make minor adjustments to the photos you are editing after you have added the preset. The most common adjustments that still need to be made are below:

1. "My picture is still too dark" or "Now my picture is too bright!"- Use the exposure slider found under "Light" section of editing screen and slide to the right to increase overall brightness of image or slide to the left to decrease the overall brightness of the image.


2. "My picture looks too yellow or too blue!"- Use the color temperature slider found under the "Color" section of the editing screen. Slide the color temperature to the right to warm up the image by adding more yellow tones or slide to the left to cool the image down by adding more blue tones. 


3. "My picture has some spots that look way more yellow/orange than they should?"- This typically happens when a picture is taken with a house lamp on which competes with natural light coming in from any windows in the picture. It can also happen when light is reflecting off of flooring and/or woodwork that is very yellow/orange in tone within the image. Easy fix! Use the "Mix" option found under the "Color" selection on the edit screen to reduce saturation of specific colors in the image. Select the color you want to modify and slide the saturation slider to the left to decrease the intensity of that particular color in the image. *Be careful not to slide too far to the left or you will notice it eventually turns gray in the image which is not natural looking. 


I hope this was helpful in getting set up with Lightroom Mobile Presets to use when editing your own photos on your device! Like I said above, if you have any questions, or run in to any troubles with the process of saving your custom presets, reach out to me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can to help!

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